Welcome to a new year of possibilities!

Wow, it’s 2019. Welcome to a new year of possibilities! I am so excited as this year to kicks off to see what unfolds. I can’t wait to see what twists and turns my life takes, and while for many people, that may bring anxiety, for me, it brings curiosity. How will my business grow? Will I finally be a homeowner this year? What will it be like to be a mom?

That’s right, for those of you who don’t know, I am 7 months pregnant with my first child- a baby girl. While busy growing a business, I am also growing a new life. Though, I have a few weeks ahead of me before I get to meet her, so in addition to building baby furniture for a nursery, I am also building some new things for my business!

One thing being a brand new newsletter - Coryn Quester’s Top 3 Possibilities! Each week, as I am coaching fabulous clients, recording podcasts with amazing guests, and connecting with other incredible entrepreneurs, I always take a nugget (or five) away from every single interaction that truly drives and inspires me to keep going, and continue to better hone my coaching practice and business.

I am excited to now share these nuggets of wisdom with my mailing list subscribers each week. These Top 3 Possibilities will help you as you build a new business, or give you that nudge you need to begin that process. This weekly newsletter will include a range of practical tips, inspirational ideas, lessons learned, business buzz, mindset mantras, and other motivational material to inspire you to get into entrepreneurial gear and to keep it in gear! So if you are not yet subscribed to my mailing list, you can do so below to now receive these possibilities every week!

As a sneak peek in this blog… here are this week’s Top 3 Possibilities:

  1. It is possible to overcome fear that is holding you back by recognizing what kind of fear it is. Is it good fear? Or is it bad fear? When something feels intuitively right, but is scary, the best way to overcome it is to trust in yourself and take action anyway (good fear). If something feels wrong or you are in mortal danger, then run the other way (bad fear)! As an example of good fear, you may be scared to hit publish on a social media post for your new business because you are afraid of what others will think, but you know in your gut it’s a good message you want to put out there for potential clients. Overcome that by reminding yourself that being afraid of what others will think has just been a coping mechanism you developed over the years to bring you love and acceptance. Recognize that and then publish that post anyway! Great things come on the other side of overcoming good fear.
  2. It is possible to get affordable health insurance on your own. During my most recent Discover What’s Possible podcast episode, Adam and Erin Erickson share how they called up an insurance contact and were able to secure health insurance for their family at a reasonable rate. This totally debunks the idea that you have to rely on a company to provide these kind of benefits. *Fun Fact: I am in the process of collaborating with an Insurance Agent that will provide my clients with the support they need to obtain affordable health insurance as they transition from working for a company to working for themselves. Be on the lookout for more news on that!
  3. It is possible that you are talking yourself into settling if you describe something as merely “good enough.” This was also a topic discussed on the Discover What’s Possible podcast with the Ericksons. Adam describes so eloquently that, “Saying your job is good enough is dressing up the word settling.” It's not always that your full time job is a full on nightmare. It could simply be that you feel the pull or the call to do something more. With that, I encourage you to be aware if you are saying your job is just "fine" or "okay" because that is a sign of settling while something more is out there for you. Some of my jobs weren't so bad at times, but I always felt like I was being held back in some way, and after many years of job hopping, I ultimately decided to try my hand at launching my own business. And that "not always so bad" scenario might be the case for you as well, but that doesn't make it any less valid for you to want to explore other options, or any more fulfilling for you to want to stay in a situation that's merely "good enough." Life is too short. Bring your purpose to life and pursue a business or career that is going to light you up everyday. Don't let another minute be wasted in settling city.

I hope these Top 3 Possibilities inspire you to go for that new business or career you have always wanted. I am sharing this as a blog for a sneak preview today, but if you would like to receive the Top 3 Possibilities every week in your inbox, subscribe to my mailing list below. I can't wait to help you on this journey as you discover what’s possible!





  • Looking for a cute new shirt that will inspire others? Past guest of the Discover What's Possible podcast, Christina Williams has now launched her own inspirational apparel line - BackGetters! Check it out!
  • Exploring becoming a published author? Past guest of the Discover What's Possible podcast, Mary Kate Williams (no relation to Christina haha) has now launched her own publishing services business - MK Williams Publishing Services! Check that out too!

Congratulations, Christina and Mary Kate! And HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!


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