Client Spotlight - Meet Kelsey

Kelsey’s Journey: Kelsey purchased her web domain name,, 4 years ago for her future Health Coaching Business, but then stopped there… until we started working together! In 3 short months, Kelsey and I worked on building her business from the ground up. The goals Kelsey accomplished in that short time period was truly remarkable from filing her LLC, creating her branding, developing a social media presence, and getting her ducks in a row to launch this business legally and sound financially. She is now the proud owner of Nourishista, a health and nutrition coaching business that helps women simplify their path to wellness. 

Kelsey’s Kind Words: "She makes you just uncomfortable enough to make things happen.  That discomfort is when the magic happens. She understands the reality of the side hustle while having a full time job and other responsibilities and breaks things down into manageable pieces and really understands how you tick, in order to push you in the right way. Having a dream become a reality doesn't happen everyday. I just needed someone to believe in me, for me to believe more in myself and have a little guidance along the way.  I now own my own business! :)"

Client Spotlight - Meet Jessica
Tampa Wedding Photographer | | Fort De Soto Portrait Session

Jessica’s Journey: In an initial conversation with Jessica, she mentioned her goal of going full time in her Wedding Photography business being a 3 year plan. I then challenged her to do it in 3 months! Okay, so she didn’t quite do it in 3 months, but guess what ya’ll… she did it in 5! Wow, in 5 short months, she took her Photography side hustle and made it a full time business reality. Through our few months working together, she achieved so many goals that I lost count including booking multiple shoots a week, being asked to be a second shooter consistently, revamping her website, identifying her dream couple as clients and since has been meeting them in person, filed for her LLC which will now also include a SECOND business for marketing services, and last, but certainly not least, after 5 months, she has now quit her soul sucking job to go full time in her own photography business. Such an amazing story. So proud of you, Jessica!

Jessica’s Kind Words: "The biggest thing I have learned is that the only one holding myself back, is me. Have you ever questioned your worth? Have you ever wondered if you could make it? Coryn helped me walk past my internal hurdles that I built over years and work towards literally quitting my day job and working for myself. I feel like all my goals and dreams are aligning and I needed her to help me on this path. What most people don't realize is that the crumbling from fear is holding back your dreams and pursuit of bigger things. I can say the 3 months we worked together helped form my path to stop questioning my next move and make the leap. Coryn will help you see that in you lies the best business person you can be, but YOU can't hold yourself back. I had someone ask me what I do yesterday and I finally opened with the statement, "I am a full-time photographer!" SO THANK YOU!!!"

Client Spotlight - Meet Nicole

Nicole’s Journey: Nicole came to me with a dream to start a Farmhouse Furniture and Decor business with the goal to make it a solid side hustle. She had no clue where to begin, and put her trust in me to help her in the right direction. Through our few weeks working together, she accomplished so much in support of her business including securing a web domain, opening up business social media accounts, developing a pricing model, identifying her brand and ideal client, and making key investments, not only in the physical power tools she needed, but also in the intangible yet valuable tools she gained from investing in my coaching program. She now has paying clients that she is currently serving, and is creating beautiful furniture pieces for them. Congratulations, Nicole!

Nicole’s Kind Words: "Coryn has helped me stay focused and push forward with my dream of having a farmhouse furniture and decor shop! She was a great listener and made our time together custom to what I needed to focus on and develop in for areas I felt I was lacking or just had no clue how to get started. Because of our sessions together, I feel more confident that I know what I'm doing and know what steps I need to take to help make my dream a reality! I always thought I could never afford or have the space to build it myself. The fact that I’m making it as my own side hustle is even more rewarding and exciting."