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Our Approach

My Story

Hi! My name is Coryn Quester! I'm a business coach, and a new mom, which now makes her a mompreneur! I help aspiring and existing entrepreneurs bring the business of their dreams to life! Becoming an entrepreneur has been the greatest gift and lesson I have ever received. Mostly because the very specialization I coach on is the same career transition I had to make myself. In 2018, my desire to be a present mother made me realize that I no longer aligned to the demanding schedule and unrealistic expectations of the corporate world. Therefore, I made the decision to leave a successful career in Corporate America to embark on my own coaching business.

I have been a coach for several years in a corporate capacity, coaching co-workers on what the company wanted me to coach on. However, part of that was coaching others to achieve career success, and that part always lit my soul on fire. Now, I solely coach on helping you find career fulfillment and life alignment, just like I did, whether it be starting your dream business or taking your business to the next level!

You can also catch my podcast "Discover What's Possible" on many popular podcast platforms. The main goal of my podcast is to help you realize that you too can make your career dreams a reality, and inspire you into action so you can truly discover what's possible for you! And that's not the only time you'll find me behind the mic... one of my favorite activities is frequenting a local karaoke bar where I get to pretend that I'm auditioning for The Voice. I just might really audition one day! I also enjoy making sweets and have a secret desire to eventually open an ice cream sandwich shop... portfolio entrepreneurship, here I come!

If you have a secret desire, or maybe an open desire, to start your dream business or uplevel your business, I would be so honored to help you make that a reality! Contact me today, and let's get started!

Our Story

My Mission

It is my relentless mission to end the suffering that results from being in a career that does not align with who you are or what you value. It is my emphatic belief that overcoming barriers that are holding you back offers the greatest power for you to create a remarkable business for yourself and for others, and to live a free and abundant life fueled by passion and creativity.

Am I your kinda gal?