Coryn Quester

My Story

My name is Coryn Quester, and I am a Career Transition Coach for those who are ready to start a business or make a career change. I know, because I went through a major career transition myself.  In 2018, I made the decision to leave a successful career in Corporate America to embark as an entrepreneur and starting my own coaching business.

While in Corporate America, I was always job-hopping trying to find meaning in a career that gave me fulfillment and a sense of purpose. As I went through different jobs, I realized that I wanted to work closer with people. So, I went from a career in marketing, to a career in human resources support, which was closer to people, but still not enough. I realized that I was not going to find that fulfillment and a sense of purpose by hopping to the next opportunity because it was just more of the same in corporate, no matter what job I took next.

In all of my jobs, I always felt like I was out of place and would be working 50+ hours a week, relinquishing most of my time and all of my energy into careers that left me feeling unfulfilled. I also wanted to start a family, and I did not want to sacrifice that time and energy with my kids. Knowing I was worth more, and feeling like there had to be more out there, I knew I had outgrown what corporate could offer me. Therefore, I made the decision to become an entrepreneur to live life on my own terms, and coach others on how they too can escape the same hectic, overwhelming grind.

I want to help you make a transformation in your life like I did. Making the decision is one thing, but without help, this change would have taken me years, or worse, it may not have happened at all. My coaching will give you the actionable steps, accountability and support you need to make the transformation you want, and fast!

My Mission

It is my relentless mission to end suffering in the pursuit of freedom. By showing you how to give compassion to yourself, shift your mindset, and take transformative action, you will discover what is possible for you. It is my emphatic belief that overcoming limiting barriers that are holding you back offers the greatest freedom for you to do remarkable things for yourself and others, and to lead an abundant life fueled by passion and purpose. By ending suffering, my goal is to also end suicide way in advance of it even being a thought of happening.

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