My Story

My name is Coryn Quester, and I help aspiring creative entrepreneurs turn their ambitious ideas and passions into a viable income. I know, because I went through a major career transition myself.  In 2018, I made the decision to leave a successful career in Corporate America to embark as an entrepreneur and starting my own coaching business.

I understand how you feel. I too was tired of the same old grind and desperately wanted to create my own business. Just as you feel, I too felt like I was stuck underneath the thumb of corporate management, always feeling held back and tied down with demands. Just like you, I was working 55+ hour work weeks that often bled into the weekends. Coming from a creative background myself, I have also experienced and understand how creatively limiting today's corporate jobs can be.

At this point in my career, I was recently married and knew I wanted kids. I didn’t want to feel like I was a mediocre, miserable mom, coming home everyday exhausted and too burnt out to spend quality time with my family. That schedule alone would have made me feel that way, especially with finding little purpose in the work I was doing for most of my waking hours.

I tried many self-help and business related books and podcasts to help me figure out how to leave my corporate job and start a business, and none of them worked for me. Similar to you, I was feeling trapped and frustrated, hopeless and lost. At this point, like you, I knew in my heart, I was being called to start my own business, to do more with my life and give myself more, but I didn’t know how to do it and get the results.

Because I experienced all of this, I knew I wanted to create a Career Transition Coaching business. I knew I wanted to help you avoid the same suffering and pain I went through by being in a career that does not align with who you are or what you know in your heart is right for you. However, not knowing the first thing of how to start a business, I realized I needed to ask for help. That’s when I hired a mentor. Someone who went through the same exact pain I did and had made it out on the other side. Someone who gave me the support, confidence, and guidance I needed to make this transformation, and that is what I will do for you.

I have an ardent passion about this work because I did go through this transition myself. I now know what it takes to go from working in a full time job you hate into creating a profitable, purpose-driven business. Going through it and learning so much, I will help you cut out the unnecessary to accelerate this change faster than you could even imagine.

I am also the host of the Discover What's Possible podcast that features interviews and stories centered around real, everyday people who are in the process of making a big career transition or those who have already taken the full leap, and are on the other side of that transformation. Through listening to this podcast, my goal is help you realize that you can (anyone can!) create this kind of life too... a career and life full of purpose, passion, and freedom!

My Mission

It is my relentless mission to end the suffering that results from being in a career that does not align with who you are or what you know in your heart is right for you. It is my emphatic belief that overcoming any limiting barriers that are holding you back offers the greatest power for you to do remarkable things for yourself and others, and to lead an abundant life fueled by creativity, passion and freedom.

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