#40 | Micala Quinn: Every experience you have can translate into a business

This episode features Micala Quinn who is empowering moms to find freedom, flexibility, and financial stability. In this episode, Micala shares how her teaching career was no longer aligning with her desire to be home with her infant, and how she found a way to triple her income by working only 15 hours a week. Now she helps other moms find the same thing! We talk about how no matter what talents and skills you have, it can translate into a business to help others, how to proactively communicate with a spouse to get them on board with this change, and how Micala is now seeing the positive results of the example she is setting for her daughter and how it’s making her fearless and confident!! I strive to do the same for my little girl as well, so that really hit home for me. If Micala can triple her income by working less, and all of the other moms she helps can do it too, so can YOU! IT IS POSSIBLE!

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