#26 | Lindsay Hernandez: Turn your purpose into practice

When you are faced with darkness, the choice is your's to stay in the dim or to be the light. In an emotional episode of the Discover What’s Possible podcast, Lindsay Hernandez shares her touching story of how through the loss of a child, she and her husband, turned their pain into their purpose by creating the Christian Michael Hernandez Foundation (in memory of their son) bringing the light and kindness to so many in need. In this episode, Lindsay shares every heart-wrenching detail of the day she lost her baby boy, and how with unwavering faith, she is able to continue to mother her son through the foundation's purposeful acts of kindness. She also gives invaluable advice on how to move forward with life after experiencing loss, on putting your purpose into practice, and on making the hopes you are chasing bigger than the fear that's following you. As a disclaimer, be sure to grab a box of tissues before you listen to this episode, and full disclosure, I breakdown a few times in it, but hey, that's real. My hope with this episode is that you not only feel inspired to bring your purpose to life, but also to spread the kindness and the word about the Christian Michael Hernandez Foundation. Visit christianmichaelhernandez.org to learn more about how to help or how to ask for help.

Links to find out more information about the Christian Michael Hernandez Foundation:
Website: http://www.christianmichaelhernandez.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Christianmichaelhernandezfoundation/

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