#23 | Adam & Erin Erickson: Saying it’s “good enough” is dressing up the word “settling”

Is your job merely "good enough" or just "fine" when someone asks you how it's going? In my next episode of the Discover What's Possible podcast featuring husband and wife duo, Adam and Erin Erickson of Vampt Co., we discuss that finding your job as being just "good enough" is really dressing up the word "settling.” Adam and Erin both describe their individual journeys on how they knew deep down that being entrepreneurs was the right path for them through various work experiences and signs along the way. They also provide super helpful and practical advice for those of you out there who are looking to take the leap as well. Advice such as, there are ways to obtain health insurance without breaking the bank, and as you are naming your business, always look it up in Urban Dictionary just in case! Haha... This couple is so endearing and truly want to help other aspiring entrepreneurs in any way they can.

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