Is it your dream to start a new business that brings your creativity and passion to life? You have had enough of working in an unfulfilling job for someone else’s relentless demands and someone else’s success.

Everyday you wake up dreading the work day ahead. You are tired of working the 7-7 (because, let's be honest, it’s not 9-5 anymore). You are tired of sacrificing. You are tired of putting all of your time and energy into something that has little meaning to you at a place that wants you to be someone you’re not. You tired of missing life’s precious moments with your loved ones. You are tired of putting self care and your needs on the back burner.

You may have read some awesome self-help books like Girl, Wash Your Face or You Are A Badass, but even though those books are great (hey, I love them too), and they probably inspired you, after a few days that inspiration likely wore off. Or maybe you tried years of job hopping going from one role to the next, thinking this one will be different, but after the 3 month honeymoon phase wears off, you realize it’s just more of the same.

Right now, you feel trapped. You feel frustrated. You feel hopeless. You feel lost. When in your heart, you know you really want to make your dream of owning your own business a reality, but you aren’t sure how.

As a Career Transition Coach, I help aspiring creative entrepreneurs turn their ambitious ideas and passions into a viable income. Closing that gap can be simpler than you think. It just takes courage to reach out and grab it. With my customized coaching services, you will receive the caring support and practical strategies you need to build the foundation and keep you aligned to your goals. Creating a new profitable business is possible for you, and as a result, you will discover a new life full of purpose, passion and freedom.

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